How to teach single coturnix chick to eat


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Jul 29, 2013
Hello everyone! I have had this account for a while and now's the time to use it. I have a day old quail chick that hatched alone and i haven't seen it eat other than the occasional random peck and it hasn't touched the water other than when I dipped its beak in it to show it where it is. I know they can go a while without food after they hatch but I just worry that because its the only chick in the brooder that it won't learn where the food/water is. I planned to have a couple more hatch but only the one survived...
Well welcome anyway! I think the baby will be fine, but if you want you can take your finger and "peck" at the food like a mama would. You can do the same with the water.
I think that most babies don't want to eat right after hatching.
I bought chicks (2) once that were still damp from hatching and they didn't eat or drink for awhile.
It helps to spread the food on a paper towel and keep the chick on paper towels so he knows what the eat. Is it possible to get him a friend?
I have button quail eggs due to hatch this Friday, do you think they would intermingle? At least until the coturnix is big enough to smoosh them...
Button quail are like half the size of coturnix as adults, but I will try it anyways when I can watch them interact for a while
If you leave them in the incubator for a full 24 hours after they hatch they'll come out of the bator ready to eat immediately. If you take them out sooner they are still running on nutrition from absorbing the yolk and may not want to eat much.
do what one of the other posted suggested, i peck the food with the finger and do a high pitch peep peep peep, they come running. If you ever what a hen with her chicks she has a peep like that to tell them to come eat or look at something.

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