How to tell if the eggs are fertile?

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    I am new to chickens, so please don't laugh at me if this is a stupid question. [​IMG] I have a pullet and I used to have a cockeral (before he started to crow). Is there any way that the eggs are still (if they were at all) fertile? I got rid of him in February and she didn't even start laying until March. So I don't think they are fertile, but I noticed that there was a little white circle thing in the yolk when I cracked the egg open. I have no idea what it is. Is it normal? And how long do the eggs stay fertile after you remove the roo from the flock?
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    If that little "white circle" looks like a bulls-eye, then it could be fertile. Without trying to incubate one, though, you may not know for sure. That's a long time for a hen to have been away from a rooster and still be fertile, though.
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    The answer is No!! U will have to get a Roo back for about 7-10 days before they will be fertile.

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