How to tell if you Pigeon is a male or female?


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About a year ago I caught a pigeon that was hanging around I and started caring for him. Now that he has been here for a while I want to know if it is a male or female but the problem is I don't know how to tell if it is a male or female. Does anyone know how???
Its hard to tell if its a female or male but if it coo's it might be a male but still it could be a female and also if it bowing it might be a male but still could be a female
If it lays an egg it is female.

Here are a few links that may help you (not sure how accurate one is):

The bird on the right is a male the other is female.

Post a picture I will give you my best guess.
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Seems to me like it's a female as the head is small & oval as well as a small body. males tend to have larger heads & bulkier bodies.
Their are hundreds literally hundreds of breeds of pigeon, I am not sure what breed of pigeon this is, looks like a mix to me however I could be wrong. That being said you can not tell by just looking at one what the sex is in less you have an idea of the breed because what looks like a female in one breed may be male ect....because they are all so different...Your best bet is to find someone how raises birds get a male off them and if they fight its a male if she seems interested in his display its female....however I have had a very small amount of homosexual pigeons...
However if you only have the two and they do pair up.
If they are both female you will have four eggs in a nest and the eggs will never hatch
If they are both male they will just sit on an empty nest
Also Pigeons only lay eggs if they have a mate...(although some people have manged to trick really lonely females into laying with a mirror)
I have had this happen before
If you have a male and a female they will just have 2 eggs at a time...the female will sit on the eggs at night, early morning and evening, the male during the day if he is not a bump.
The pigeon in my picture is a male Chinese owl...even though I've been doing this for 20 years when he was young I was pretty sure he was female because of some of his features for his breed...However I found out I was wrong when he hit sexual maturity...So your really just not going to know for sure till or if you get another pigeon
I just got two king pigeons.. the "female " fights with the male I already have and the other is the same. I was told females will fight with the males. Is this true?
I just got two king pigeons.. the "female " fights with the male I already have and the other is the same. I was told females will fight with the males. Is this true?
Yes they can fight with males and females to get the pecking order sorted out.

So long as they have enough space they will sort themselves out.

Sometimes the king pigeons... (particularly the show breed) can be aggressive and its best to house them in individual pairs.

I have the utility kings... they are less aggressive and live happily all together.

I noticed in this breed the females are very touch and won't stand any messing about by the males. They will stand up for themselves and even beat up the males if they don't like them. In my other pigeon breeds the females are usually more timid of the males.. and the boys are the boss.
Wow.. just not used to this.. I do like the female.. she rules the roost.. she slaps the male into submission.. she's smart too
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