How to transition wounded chicken back to the coop?

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  1. Farmer Girl

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    Feb 25, 2012
    I had an Easter Egger that had an open wound so I isolated her and treated with BluKote (antibiotic). She has been by herself for about a week and is looking great. She was kind of the runt of the group and has gained wait and looks great. I feel that she is ready to go back in the group. I tried to put her back in the coop and after a few minutes she was in the corner of the coop because the other girls were chasing her around. I couldn't stand her cries so I took her out and put her in isolation again. Any advice on how to transition her back in the coop? She is in a large dog crate and I was thinking that for a few hours a day I could put it in the coop. I need help!

  2. RobRoo

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    Dec 19, 2011
    Western Montana
    I have had my best luck at reintroducing birds by putting them back in the coop at night. If you ever free range your birds that is also a good time to try. There is plenty of room for the new bird to escape unwanted attention and they can all get used to each other from common ground an a distance. Sometimes you just have to let chickens be chickens and let nature take its course. good luck!!!

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