How to transport chickens

Aunt Angus

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Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
Yep, I moved my 10 birds in a crate like that.....only a 40 minute trip tho.
Flat floor of van helped a lot.
Putting tarp down first would be good.
Good point about the tarp. I put a tarp down in my hatchback. Forgot to mention that.

I ought to get a crate that size in case we need to evacuate. I could fit all on mine in one like that easy. I might build ones that aren't so tall, though, so I can stack them.

Also forgot: Researching evacuating chickens, I've seen examples of folks using laundry baskets with towels over them and plastic totes with lots of holes. And one of those pop up baby play pens. Just gotta keep them (and their poop) contained.


Nov 28, 2018
Riverside, CA
I use feed sacks, one chicken per sack and tie it with some hay string, the sacks that are like plastic that you can see the weave on are my favorite because they stand up nice. If you like you can use scissors and snip a couple of air holes in the but I dont find it necessary for a couple of hour trip.


Dec 6, 2019
Eastern Oregon
Dog and cat crates are what I prefer, but I’ve also used plastic bins with chicken wire lids when I didn’t have enough crates. Cardboard boxes with air holes are a good option too. I’ve done a few 5-6 hour drives with chickens, they’ll be fine.


Mar 20, 2017
I am planning to transport 4 chickens this year so how big of a crate do i need
Chickens come in different sizes--four bantams might fit nicely in a cat-sized crate, while four giant chickens might require a crate of the size used for extra-large dogs.

They need room to sit without being on top of each other, but they do not really need room to move around, eat, or drink unless they will be in there for more than a day.

Because chickens do not wear seatbelts inside the crate, they sometimes do better with only a little bit of space, because then they don't slide as far if the driver has to stop or turn suddenly.

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