How to treat sour crop

Hold her upside down with her head away from you and massage from the bottom to the top of the crop so the liquid is released. After this you can feed her layers pellets mixed with natural yogurt and apple cider vinegar in her water. Repeat this every day until her crop returns to normal, and if it persists for more than a week take her to the vet for anti-fungal medicine. To avoid further problems make sure there is a supply of grit always available. Good luck!
I just treated my hen a week ago for sour crop. I held her under 1 arm like a football and tipped her over while massaging her crop upwards, she was sick this way and emptying the stuff out of her crop (it stunk). I did this morning and early evening every day till she was better, it took 3 days to clear her crop. I kept her in a cage so she could rest and not access any other food, i put acv in her water and fed her yogurt sprinkled with chick feed.
I was scared to make her vomit as i knew it was dangerous if she aspirated it into her lungs, after she did vomited i would lift her up for a few seconds to let her take a breather then i would tip her again and repeat the massaging.
It's surprising how much the bring up.
Good luck and let me know how you get on.
I just don't know if she has sour crop. I feel so worried and upset, she keeps her beak closed when she does it, its like she has weird spastic head bobs/choking. If she doesn't have sour crop and I make her throw up will she die? I just don't know.
Thanks for the support everyone, I think I figured out what I'm going to do. I am going to separate her from the flock I think, put some garlic and apple cider vinegar in her water, maybe try to keep her of solids except chicken feed. I will report back at the end of the day.
I dealt with this in the past. I take Krill Oil as my omega supplement, I broke open a few of my capsules and sucked them up in a syringe. Gently syringe fed all of it to sick hen- remarkable recovery! I think the fish oil helps coat the crop. Hope this helps.

I also had a girl with sour crop a few weeks ago. I did not vomit her, although she spit up on her own while massaging her crop.
My girl moved her neck around like a snake, thats how I knew soething was wrong. I'm guessing everything got jammed up form a clump of grass she inhaled (stupid of me to throw it in the run in the first place) needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

I seperated her into a dog crate and withheld food for 24 hours. (good way to do to determine if it is infact sour crop) Feel it in the morning. Hers felt like a tennis ball sized water balloon, very squishy.

I had acv water available at all times and on the 2nd day tried to feed yogurt to get those good bacteria back into her. Alas, she would not touch it so I added probiotic capsules into some warm mash I made with warm water and layer crumbles. I also had to force her to drink the acv water by dripping it on her beak.

Everyday i would massage her and in a little over a week all was well. I think it took a little longer because I was not comfortable "vomiting" her. Just be patient. Curious to try those pills Chris09 mentioned. Seems like something good to have on hand.

Let us know how she does.
I love Terry Golson's blog!!! When I saw the post about the krill oil pills I was like score! We have them and take them too. I ran upstairs and found out, that the pills have almost the hardest casings ever, and if you do succeed in breaking them, the oil spills everywhere and you don't get any. So after having her try to eat it, I got it to go down her throat. I think she might be feeling better. Thank you!

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