How to trim/file down a scissor beak??

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    Does anyone know of a diagram of tutorial or anything that shows how to do this? I have my scissor beak roo that needs it done now, and I can't find a vet anywhere near me that'll do it, they all hear the work 'rooster' and go, "huh???"... [​IMG] doesn't seem that odd to me, but i guess they don't get many rooster beak trimming requests!

    He's still eating okay, but he's getting a bit thin, so I think it's time to trim it back down so he can eat better, and start him back on his baby food and apple sauce diet, poor spoiled baby! [​IMG]
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    Nov 28, 2011
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    I have a hen whose name is Bobblehead. Shes a Polish grey. She has been trimmed 3x in a year and ready for another. I used a new pair of higher quality dog nail trimmers. I trimmed her beak in intervals as to not have bleeding. After first time we trimmed in another three days. There is packing powder to put in beak in case of bleeding.

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