how to up humidity???

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12 Years
Jan 20, 2011
Delavan, Wi
im on day 20 and all of my wter troughs are full, my hydromomter is saying 37% humidity! how do i raise it? i just plugged in a humidifyer where the eggs are. any other sugestions? could i openthe incubator to put a sponge in or will it ruin my whole ahtch??
I'm on day 18 and I've gotten the humidity up by placing a small damp sponge in the incubator. It's best to get the humidity up BEFORE the chicks start to hatch. That way, the membrane doesn't stick to them as they hatch.
I use a small bowl like a ramkin and cut up some sponge in warm water and set it in there..our climate is very dry in winter so its tough to get up to 65 - 70 % that helped me. once they start hatching the humidity will go way up .
As long as none of the eggs have pipped, you should be able to open the bator with no ill effects. I use a folded up paper towel half in and half out of the water resevoir. It then acts like a wick, drawing water out of the resevoir and increasing surface area and evaporation. Same general idea as the sponge in the bowl, but I think it is more effective.
Good Luck
You might close up some of the ventilation openings to help raise the humidity, but make sure not to close them all so air can still get inside.
You may want to calibrate your hygrometer after this hatch too if you hav'nt already.

Put it in two zip lock bags with a soda cap full of paste mix of salt with water. It should read 75% in 8 hours. Adjust acordingly or remember how much it's off.

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