How to write a "support letter" for neighbors to sign before hearing

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    So outside of the evil neighbors who reported us, the neighbors on the other sides of me said they would be happy to sign something saying they didn't mind the chickens. I could submit the letters with my variance paperwork. So I wrote up a letter for each of them... but it sounds unprofessional to me. Could anyone give me some pointers? Thank you!

    February 19, 2010

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We are neighbors of the B---- Family (we live next door at 14 A----- Street.) We are aware that they have 4 hens in a coop on their property. The hens do not bother us and they have our blessing to keep them.

    Thank you,

    B---- P-------
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    Don;t write the letter for them. Simply ask them to write a letter supporting your variance request. Let them know when it is needed, and the name and address where it should be sent. If you have four supportive neighbors, and they all write a unique letter favouring your birds, it will receive far more weight than if 6 or 8 "write" identical letters.
  3. I agree....bribe them with eggs and homebaked treats! Good luck!
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    I know some people will say write it and I will sign it because they don't like to do it or don't know how. Just make 4 different letters if that is what they want:

    1. I _________ the neighbor of __________ would like to express my support of ______________ and I attest that I have no objection to the keeping of the four hens on their property.

    2. I am a neighbor of ____________, my name is ____________. I would like to state that I have no problems with the four hens that __________ keeps on their property adjoining mine.

    3. My neighbor ____________ has four hens on their property and they cause me no stress or problems, I enjoy the occasional eggs from the hens myself!

    4. I would like to express support of my neighbor ________________. I am aware of the four hens on their property and they have caused me no disturbances and no offensive odors.

    5. I _______________ will be happy to offer my support to my neighbor _____________ on behalf of their four hens they have on their property. The hens have caused no problems for me, they are not a noise issue, and they are actually very enjoyable to watch!
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    Thanks, everyone. Those sample letters are very helpful, because yes... I think my neighbors aren't sure what to write!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the zoning meeting on March 26th. The evil neighbors will be there. It's nerve-wracking.
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    Thank you for posting these letters. I am at the beginning stage of getting chickens for my backyard in the city. I spoke with the city zoning enforcement officer and I have to get the written permission of 4 neighbors (one in front/across the street, one on each side of me, and the one directly behind my property). I came searching for letters for them and here they are, so thank you very much!! The next step is to take my letters of support to the city manager's office and get the permit. Thanks again for the information!

    Kimberly, Panama City, Florida

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