Is my new neighbor doing something weird, or potentially something criminal with his roosters?

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Mar 13, 2021
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SAME! Exactly why we moved from the suburbs back to the country. The part that is really upsetting is that the OP posted photos of the neighbors child! The would cause an all out war if my neighbors evaded my privacy like this.
I agree! We don't have kids yet, but that is a huge invasion of privacy! And I feel so bad for them because they probably feel targeted by their neighbors after just moving in. That feeling sucks.
When my husband and I lived in Texas, we lived in the country with no regulations (although there was an HOA 🙄) but there were still nosey neighbors. Any time we would have a day of processing our meat chickens we would have at least 1 or 2 neighbors be extremely rude and ask why we would even do that and post about it on the Facebook group. Mind you, we'd be in the back yard where you'd have to really be looking hard to see. Now we live completely away from neighbors, or at least a few acres in between each house (there aren't that many though) and woods for privacy. We live outside city limits and have no regulations or HOA. The neighbors we have out here in Arkansas have been super nice, understanding, and they mind their business. We hardly ever see or talk to them unless they are offering to help us with something or vice versa.


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Jan 5, 2012
No! I'm basing it on 3 roosters and one hen. Most people barely want one rooster, let alone 3, specially in a small yard/neighborhood. If they do have a rooster(s) they surely have a lot more then one hen.
The roosters usually used for fighting are beautiful. I'd have one as a pet if I wanted roosters. Just because people have them doesn't prove anything. People having 3 and 1 hen is not normal.
Cock fighting unfortunately is still very much alive. It happens in places most of us would never venture. Same goes for dog fighting sadly.
This combo of 3 to 1 is very suspect.
Nice that Nancy Drew is on the case. 🙄


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Aug 17, 2014


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I'm going to look at this with blinders on. What I don't like is the roosters are tethered. They don't have any way to get out of the weather. They have no shade to escape the heat. And they have no protection from predators. Are they getting food and water? These roosters are not dubbed (intact combs) so they are not fighting stock. The spurs are intact so they are not set up to wear gaffs that are worn for fighting (Though this is a personal preference). These game birds are backyard quality who really need to be in pens with their own hens. My FIL has bred game fowl for over 60 years and he never, ever tethered a rooster out in the open. Serious game breeders protect their stock as they are worth big bucks. But I do realize in come countries tethered poultry is the norm. And in this case these roosters need to exist with children so the owners most likely did what they could with the money they had. However, I would really lie to see these roosters provided with a better environment.


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Aug 18, 2021
👆👆👇👇 These don't line up somehow. You don't know what Animal Control determined, but in your first post - it reads that they didn't find anything concerning.
To clarify - Animal Control called me on Monday (this week) to confirm they’d received my report the previous Friday and during that call said that in the photos the birds looked healthy, and that they hadn’t been fighting. They came out the next day presumably to investigate in person. I have no idea how these things are usually conducted or if they will circle back at all. I don’t have any further information since that call.


Aug 19, 2018
So, because someone has a different type and number of birds than you approve of they are automatically suspect?

Gamefowl people love their roosters, and rightfully so, they are gorgeous! I often might have 3 or more roosters/cockerels and only 6 or 7 hens here at any given time, does that make me suspect as well? :rolleyes:
Whatever! You want a fight, it's not here! If you think 3 roosters and one hen is normal than good for you. I don't and it is suspect!
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