How warm is too warm?


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
Alto, Michigan
I have seven new chicks hatched this week. All are doing well. They are being raised by their own Mamas. We are going to be having 90+ heat this weekend. Other than cold, fresh water, do I need to do anything else to keep them cool or do they need/like the heat?
They should be fine with just some cool water to drink and shade for when they get too hot.
Just as RonC said, as long as mamma chicken is with them, they should be fine. While they are little, be sure to give them fresh food and water daily. Also, even though it will be 90 this weekend, baby chicks should be right around 86 to 90 degrees for the first week, lowering by seven degrees each week. Good luck with your baby chicks!! :)

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