how well do ameraucanas lay?

Very well! I used to get maybe 5 eggs??? a week from mine in their pullet year. I didn't keep them for more than a year I think. So I don't know how fast they slow down laying.

Even the bantam Easter Eggers lay very well from my experience. But the Large Fowl Easter Eggers (hatchery "Ameraucanas") lay better (maybe one more egg per week I am guessing).

No, maybe they were the same amount (bantam and LF) per week- I just don't remember.
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I have one lone pure Ameraucana... she's about 5 months in a coop with extra light... so far not an egg. Which doesn't answer your question but I vented and bumped your thread.
I have one and she is one of my better layers everyone else went through a molt as did she but she never stopped laying I just get 1 less a week out of her so now I am getting 4 instead of 5

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