How would Brahma's look in Porcelain?


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Sep 29, 2009
South Africa
I've been thinking, after seeing big medicine and Dan Powell's birds I've become very jealous that we don't have such magnificent birds in my own country (SA). I'm just wanting to know what would a Brahma look like in Isobel or Porcelain coloring? I think it'll look quite good. Any thoughts?
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To me, the only downside of them in Porcelain is that they're a very big bird, so, just as with the buff lacing (in my opinion) the patterning would be too small. On D'Uccles and the sort, who are bantam, it shows up beautifullly - But a bigger bird has more feathers, and thus the patterning sort of blurs into itself unless you really look closely.

But, it certainly is a worthy and interesting project.
My question is - What will you be using? Do you have Lavender LF birds over there?
Illia, I've not considered starting it as a project due to it that I might move soon. I was thinking the same thing about the little porcelain spots and that Brahma's are large birds, but it could be a great challenge to try.

I've not yet decided what to use since poultry as a hobby is quiet rare here, but I'll find something. Even if it means importing. I've not come across any LF Lavenders over here in the Brahma breed yet, but I have found a Lav Orpingtons. My question would be, How hard is it to get rid of a single comb and convert it to pea?
Not hard at all! Pea is dominant over single, so your first gen will have mostly pea combs (some might be floppy and tall though) but the second generation should be complete with pea combs if you breed back.

There are no Lavender Brahmas in simple, but Orpingtons can be a good start. You'd just need to get rid of the leg color, clean shanks, and body type. (but luckily most Lav Orps have a more similar body type, except for their tail)
Well we are currently near Swaziland but hope to move down to the Little Karro later next year, it's a big delay for me since I've wanted to get started with Brahmas for so long, but it'll work out.

Illia-What would be the best starting color to breed to Lav Orpingtons? Currently the 4 colors that are available in SA are,

•Light (Light Colombian)
•Buff (Buff Colombian)
•Dark (Silver Penciled)
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