Howdy All from Australia


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HI Everyone *waves from across the oceans*

Just recently become a "mummy" to 5 gorgeous pullets. These are my very first birds ever and I am completely smitten by them.
I have a Welsummer (Esmerelda) who seems to rule the roost, a Light Sussex (Belle), a Silver Campine (Dotty) an IsaX (Tilly) and a CommercialBlack X (Pheonix)

I am quite partial already to my Belle and would love to add to my Sussex collection, I would also like a few more of the rarer breeds but as my Dh always says "go easy hun, start with what you've got and see how you go"

We live on DH family farm along with my PIL and SIL. Its a lovely old property and has been in Dh family since the area was first settled in 1876 our home is almost as old too.

SO anyways,

I found this site while looking for some chicken coop plans my girls are in a *cough* cheapo premade ugly looking thing that I thought was going to be brilliant until I saw the size the girls will grow too and realised it will do in the short term but will need something larger especially if I want to add to my ..... whatever the term is for a group of chooks

We have an old chook yard that I was hoping to rebuild but its such a huge project thats going to be the "long term plan" The original coop is currently house all of FILs nuts and bolts and bits and pieces that he hords (sp?)

Aside from the birds I also own 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cats (but feed 2 other cats that came with the house), and 2 alpacas. I am married as mentioned and have a beautiful 16month old daughter to shares her mothers love of animals.

I am a tad infatuated with a few of the coop designs especially the barn looking ones in the medium size ones and was wondering where people got their plans from to build these things?

I know very very basic carpentry things like "hammer hits nail" and "saw cuts wood" but thats about it

I am hoping in due time to keep about 12 chooks so will need a coop big enough.

Can anyone point me in the right direction??

OH should add that the birds will have a large enclosure as well as over 2acres of garden to roam when all the farm dogs are tied up.

Nae x


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Welcome to BYC

I cant add a lot, we didn't have plans when we started construction. Just buy lots of wood, nails, screws, hinges, wire etc. and see what you end up with.

We did a couple of coops from large crates we picked up at an industrial site. They work pretty well, and the price was pretty good. We just had to put a sloped roof on them and cut in a couple of doors and windows.

Good luck.


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Jun 13, 2010
from Connecticut, USA!!! Glad to have you here!
A group of chooks is called a flock--at least on this side of the *ocean* . As far as coop plans go, keep looking at the coop pages and something will turn up. Some members post their plans on their personal pages..... There are books out there, designs you can download etc. We just purchased a prebuilt shed and added a run. We only have a 1/2 acre in a neighborhood so our chicks can't free range without being supervised. Good Luck!

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