Howdy folks!


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5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
Since this is the "New Member Introductions" board, I suppose it's fairly redundant to say I'm new around here, huh? Anyway, I love critters of pretty much every description, except the nasty blood-sucking ones. Even spiders are okay, as long as they stay out of my house and don't crawl on me.

Well, I'm off to the "Ducks" board 'cause the story of why I'm here is best told there. See y'all around!
Good luck with your poultry raising adventures, and I hope you find everything you need to know. Don't forget to take a look at BYC's very useful learning center (If you haven't already)! The learning center as well as the forum should answer your questions! Glad to have you here! See you around with the flock. Ducks are awesome. I will check the duck forum.
Thank you for the warm welcome. I've got quite a bit of learning to do in a short time, it seems. You can be sure I'll be digging through BYC's learning center!

Welcome to BYC!

Love your avatar! LOL This is the place to be when you own poultry! Enjoy your ducks and all your critter adventures. Welcome to our flock!

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