10 Years
Mar 7, 2009

I'm new to chickens, but have been lurking here for some time now...
the family and I finally jumped in with both feet.

We have 3 Austraorps, 3 Barred Rocks, and 3 Mutt EE's keeping warm in the basement right now. What different personalities the different breeds have! They just started being able to hop/fly out of the stock tank, so some altered digs are in order. The kids love the little buggers; we are definitely having fun!

We will be trying to keep a low profile with these guys, as our city government has recently added poultry to their definition of livestock in the city code- an effort wraught by a misguided and frustrated few, upset by the city's lack of enforcement of animal waste and noise code violations. The good thing is that, for now, animal control and the local PD seem to be unaware of the code change.

We're building a coop in a few weeks, and will move the gals out of doors. Our neighbors are in on this with us, so, hopefully, this venture will be a success.

welcome to byc... i'm trying to keep this quiet so the wrong people don't get wind of your subversive behavior. we're glad you found us and have joined the dark side....

If the city added poultry to the no-no rules after you already had chickens, couldn't you get grandfather claused in? Document when you got your chickens, never know it might help down the road.

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