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  1. ...using Premier 1 "PermaNet" netting/fencing for the run. We originally planned to fence in about 8000 sf of our lawn with chicken wire and metal stakes and spend a jillion dollars (well, more like $$300) for about 150 sf of fencing and posts. However, PermaNet is $175 for 164 feet, so if we buy 2 rolls, that's $350, and it's MOVABLE!!! We have 2 1/2 acres of lawn, so we could move their run every couple of weeks, which would keep them from decimating one big patch! It's PVC netting with the stakes pre-attached, it's 4' high (we're getting heavy birds), and can be electrified (we live in a rural area, so if necessary, we could certainly sell it). I'm loving this project! He's actually talking about making a bigger coop since we could have more chickens with such a big run! WOW!!!!!!! He actually said he "LOVED" this fence---that's the first time he's LOVED anything chicken related (and we haven't even gotten the birds yet!

    Here's a link to's really cool stuff!

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    That is some cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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