Huge egg found from pullet! What is going on??

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    Aug 10, 2013
    This egg is almost triple the size of the others and the normal size my RIR usually lays. It had some blood on it as I'm sure it was hard to pass. It was a normal hard shell and I haven't cracked it open yet. Is this normal?? Shes been laying for about a month a few hard shells and a couple paper shell eggs. She hadn't been consistant until a few days ago as she has been laying normally daily until this montrosity. Thoughts??
    [​IMG] What I normal get from my 4 (6 month) old pullets
    [​IMG] The Huge egg! (with some dried blood)
    [​IMG] Comparison to other eggs today.
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    Oh, the poor little thing. That had to hurt.

    It's most likely a double yolker or even a rare triple. Any pullet or hen can lay a weird egg every once in a while, especially at the beginning or end of the season. Pullets seem to be especially prone to it because their bodies are still growing and getting everything in sync.

    The occasional double yolker is normal but not commonplace. I had a little Easter Egger pullet crank out a double yolker this spring, followed by a tiny egg with no yolk at all. Her body's timing was just off. She finished that laying cycle, took a few days to rest, and started her next cycle with no problems at all. She hasn't laid another weird egg since.

    Because your pullet broke a blood vessel while laying this egg, it's a good idea to check her vent for signs of bleeding or prolapse. If you see any blood, and especially if anything pink, gray, or red is hanging out, wash the area with warm soapy water, and poke back in anything that's on the outside that shouldn't be. If there's bleeding or prolapse, you'll want to isolate her from the flock for a few days until she recovers. Not quarantine, just put a fence between her and the others so they don't pick at her and make the problem worse. Chickens instinctively peck at what's red or bleeding. They don't mean to be cruel, but "red = tasty" is how their minds work.
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    Maybe she's starting to lay normally, with her reproductive system settling in.
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Thank you!! I cracked it open ro find a perfect double yolker. Use it tonight to make cookies haha. I also checked her vent and it wasn't even the one I thought. I checked all four girls and found it was another one of my pullet hens. She looked to be fine nothing hanging out except I knew it was her because she had a small fissure and dried dot of blood on outside of her vent. I wiped her gently with warm wash cloth and just dabbed the area. Her feathers completely cover her vent and since she is happily running around I just put her back with her flock. Thanks again.

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