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Before I get into all the details, a HUGE thank you needs to be extended to the BYC Moderators. We’ve got a very diverse group of individuals, but we all get along really well and work together beautifully. I’m honored to work with such wonderful people and we all need to thank them for the tremendous work they put into this forum… especially keeping in mind 90% of their work (and frustration) is behind the scenes!

These changes are 1 year in the making. After countless hours, threads, and posts between the staff members we’ve decided to clean up the BYC Forum and make it even easier to use. Here are the changes:

New Forums:
As our forum has grown, so has the diversity of topics. As you can see, we will have expanded a few sections of the forum to make it easier for people to find (or ignore) topics of their choice. Here are the new forums:

• Pictures & Stories of My Chickens - If your post is about raising chickens, please post it in appropriate section above.
• Family Life- Introductions, Information & Updates about your family - New to the forum, post about yourself here. Also, this is the place to post updates to your life and family.
• Hobbies - Arts, Crafts, Sports, Collecting, Hobby-Swaps, etc.
• Random Ramblings - News, Current Events, Off-Topic Discussions etc. - ALL FORUM RULES APPLY - be courteous and friendly or the topic will be locked and repeat offenders will be banned from BYC.

We’re also excited to announce the split of another forum. The “Other Birds, Poultry, Fowl” forum will now be divided into:
• Waterfowl - Ducks, Geese, Swan, etc.
• Other Fowl - Turkeys, Pigeons, Doves, Quail, etc.

Retired Forums:
With the addition of the new forums above, we feel that the following forums can be retired:

Me, My Chickens, My Family – Starting now we will not allow new threads to be posted into this general section. Please post into the new sections mentioned above.

Everything Else Chicken - With the current diverse and expanded list of sections on the forum, especially with the additions above, we’ll have ample opportunity to find a well suited home for your topic. As with the other section above, starting now we will not allow new threads to be posted into this general section.

New Rules:
Very much related to the new forum structure are some new guidelines related to the topics on the forum. We have a very diverse membership in this community and we’re very proud of the fact that people get along so well. There are a few topics which we have found cause a lot of debate and eventually hurt feelings.

For this reason we have added a new set of rules to the forum: Starting now we will strongly discourage any religious or political threads or topics. We will allow limited posting on these topics, but we reserve the right to delete them at our discretion and without notice to the original posters. As with other deleted threads, if you post a thread about one of these topics and it is deleted, do not repost the thread.

The topics of religion and politics should be confined to the “Random Ramblings” section of the forum.


We've also recently moved some of the positions of the "Categories" and "Forums" within those categories to keep the chicken related categories (Main & Breeds) together.

All this is in an effort for better organization and use of the site. We know change is hard, but BYC will be around for a VERY long time and will continue to grow like crazy, so we want to put these important improvements in place as soon as possible.

Thank you!


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Great to see this all coming together Rob! It will make it so much easier for users to select sections of primary interest to them and will stop important posts from slipping off the page so quickly.

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Seriously, with this many people the rules needed a bit of tweeking. You are doing a great job. I, myself, have to watch it sometimes and sometimes I slip so need the reminder


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A big thank you from a UK member for all your work and thanks to the moderators. The changes look like they will make life easier for everyone - well done!!

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