Humidity Control Issue


8 Years
Oct 6, 2011
Los Angeles Area
I have set my new Hovabator 1588 to 97.2 just in case so when I lift the lid up to turn eggs the temperature would not drop to much, but the Humidity is where I have a problem. I put the water in the chamber- humidity sky rocketed.I used a small cup with a bit of water after an hour I am still at 45%...Took the water out all together ,I am at 40. I even slid the lid open just a bit- still no luck. Any ideas?
Does it have an auto fan? Where did you place your bator in your house? You may have to move it to another location. How small a cup did you use? I use half a plastic Wal cup, then fill that 1/4 - 1/2 full...
It has circulated fan,the bator is in the house. I use standard size plastic cup and the water level is less then quater full.
I just moved it to another room, but so far with no water it is 39 %
Ok..first you don't have to worry about lifting the lid...the temp readout will drop, but remember the eggs have quite a bit of mass, and will remain "at temp" for quite a while before they start to drop at lifting the lid does not affect the eggs at all.

Next, just take out ALL water out of your bator and call it good......if you have a dehumidifier for your house, run it at about 40% and you should be good. I wouldn't sweat it too much

Thank you Dan. Unfortunately I don't have the dehumidifier. I opened the vent plug to drop the humidity, I am still at 39%. The question is: Is it safe to put the eggs at 39%?
yeah..should be fine..the eggs won't drowned in that humidity. Just take your eggs out weekly and weight them to see if the are losing weight accordingly.
Thank you for your reply,I appreciate it

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