Humidity dropped during hatch - do I fix?


Apr 10, 2011
Loudoun County - Hamilton, VA
The quick question is that my humidity dropped down to 42% overnight because I cracked the vent too much. I'm in the middle of a hatch. Do I mist and add water to bring it up immediately? This is day 21 in a Brinsea Eco 20.

I had one out of 8 remaining eggs hatch yesterday morning, and one hatched overnight. The humidity has been a steady 65%-70& since Sunday night (35% before then). I pulled the hatched chick out last night and added a little more water to compensate for my opening it and it went back to 75% so I cracked the vent a little more. As I should have known, you never make a change before going to bed. It's now down to 42% with a new overnight chick and another pip. The remaining eggs are FBCM if that makes a difference.


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