Humidity dropped...Question for you

cajun chicken

Apr 6, 2015
Central City, LA
Hello everyone! Today is day 20 for my micro hatch (3 eggs) and we have 2 pips!!! I checked on them early this morning and all was well, temp good and humidity was 66%. Just got back home and checked on them and the humidity had dropped to 37!! I quickly raised it back up to 70, do yall think they will be ok? The humidity couldnt have been low for more than a few hours....thanks


Nov 7, 2015
I hatch white texas a#m,s,just started in sept after a 50 year vacation.I usually just leave mine around 50 or so,because I have about 4 or 5 different weeks in same incubator I was down to 3 hens,and another hen died,leaving 2,so I dropped to 2 or 3 eggs a day.Didnt start hatching till September.I have the cheap little giants and instructions say humidity gaugeis only accurate between 70 to 80%,go figure.Anyway I have hatched 60 or 70 since sept with humidity never over 50%.Out of about 70 eggs less than 10 didn't hatch.When I was 16 we didn't add water.Some of the books say between 60 and 70%.
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