Humidity for hatching buttons question


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
I got button quail eggs in the August mystery swap and two of the 4 look to be developing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the humidity up? I was reading that they dry out super easily and then won't hatch. My incubator (hovabator) is in the basement where the temp is really steady. Unfortunately it is dry down there and the humidity keeps dropping to 25%. It was at 57% this morning but is now back to 25%. It is either too high or too low. I have a sponge in there cut into about 6 pieces and I put just a smidgen of water below. The original tray got destroyed by an exploding egg. The sponges are completely dried out within a few hours.

Any different suggestions? I think putting water below is part of the too high problem because it becomes a large surface area. These two eggs are due for lockdown on Thursday.
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If you can keep the humidity to 60% that will be adequate. I usually put in sponges and maxi pads to up the humidity a bit. Any one else has any suggestions?
Shellyd2008 has just got me so excited about these little birds. I love the sounds they make! They must hatch!
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They are neat little birds

I'll go with what quaillady says, it's been about 6 months since I hatched any buttons so I'm a bit rusty

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