Humidity help needed!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by leighanne, Sep 10, 2009.

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    May 28, 2009
    My BR eggs are due in the mail tomorrow. I've been regulating the bator - it's a 9200 still air incubator. I bought a digital thermometer/hygrometer, but I can't get the humidity up past 42%. I've read online how to calibrate it, and I'm going to try that tonight, but I have already filled the water areas AND added a wet sponge but the humidity still won't go above 42%. I've read that you can DROWN the chicks in their eggs - is that true??? Also, should the temp at the top of the eggs be 100 degrees or 102 degrees? I've read conflicting opinions..HELP!

    Thank you!
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    calm down did you calibrate your meter?? thats important...stand by for a PM read it all and then contact me if you have questions....
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    Quote:Why dont you post it here as well, so we all have it?
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    crazy woman, its been posted over and over, thought people would get angry....

    1/2 cup salt
    1/4 water

    ziplock bag, big oen

    Mix both ingredients cup with solution in a ziplock bag, and then place hygrometer next to the cup also in the bag, seal and let sit for 12hrs...

    At the end of SHOULD read 75%, if not, then that is what your might have to add/subtract to get to 75%...there is no fixting them...but you can use them like this once you know what your off.

    I have one that is 8% off and another 15% off and both are the same meters, my mother in laws is off I think 12%....

    so when I read on mine that is 8% off,....43% I add the so its 51% actual reading

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