Humidity horror


Aug 24, 2021
Hello! I am new to the site and I was hoping I could gather some information from y’all! I’m currently incubating 4 chicken eggs in my nurture right 360. This will be my second attempt, first attempt only produced 3 hatchlings out of 16.. my concern is the humidity level.. I do everything as the instructions state which is to add water to water pot a and open vent door half way.. well I can only get my humidity level down to around 58-62%. It’s supposed to be on 50% (55) being acceptable. Does anyone have any tips or anything that can help me get the humidity down? Also, the vent door is supposed to remain at half way until the last 3 days when you open it fully and the humidity is supposed to rise to 70% on the last 3 days. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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