Humidity in Genesis 1588

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    Need Advise!!!!!
    I am on day two in my Genesis bator. I have a zilla probe model Thermo / hydro. Both the digital and regular thermometer are reading great at 100.0 /100.5 degrees. (Digital in wiggler/baggie)
    The humidity was at 60% and I open the vent and it went down to 57%. I had the probe on the wire bottom. I have since moved probe to top of eggs and covered one side of water trough. Hopefully this will drop Humidity or maybe I had the probe in the wrong Place!?
    Where would you put the probe for humidity?
    I will check it in the morning and go from there and hopefully it will go down.
    Anyone help me out a little here?
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Humidity is not read by the probe, it is read by the actual unit. If the electrode on the unit is near the water source, the humidity will read high. You'll need to figure where that is on your unit and put it so that part is kind of in the air...on typical Accurite models, this may mean laying on it's side (instead of standing up). I hope that made sense and helps.

  3. ricklo

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    Today it is much better with the probe up away from water tray.
    it is 47%-51% and a hope will go down a little more.

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