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    My last hatch was awful and I'm thinking it might have been the humidity. Here in Memphis ours is really high. I have my incubators in a spare bedroom with the a/c off. And the humidity in the incubator is 76 on day 14. I have a ceiling fan and when I turned it on the humidity dropped to 56. So I'm confused on what to do. Also the door stays closed because of the dog. And I'm wondering how this will effect the shipped eggs that are in there settling. Since their are three incubators in there what would be right for the different stages. Help!!
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    You may get a better answer in the incubating thread, and there a nice long thread about everything incubating in that forum, I would check it out. Good luck.
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    Is your humidity gauge verified and working and calibrated against a known good one? A fan only moves air it doesn't lower the humidity so I'm a little confused as to why you would see a 20% drop in a nearly sealed incubator when you turn on a ceiling fan in the room...

    Also you won't have much ability to lower the humidity bellow the ambient humidity, sure you could put some rice, salt or crystal cat litter in there and absorb some humidity but at the end of the day it's a fight you likely won't win this way... An AC tempered room is likely a better option to control humidity if it's too high...

    At day 14 candle your eggs and measure the air sack size, compare it to photos online of what is should be at day 14 and if you are close don't worry...
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