humidity..... just put eggs in yesterday


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I put the eggs in temp holding steady at 100 degrees filled small trough like the instructions said. Humidity is holding at 80% is this too high? if so how do I get it down? There is a hole on top of the bator but it is plugged with a tissue.

thank you again
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80% humidity is too high for the first 18 days, that is IF it really is 80%. I doubt this. Most of those electronic hygrometers are very in-accurate. If you do some searching in this forum you can find instructions on how to check the accuracy of your hygrometer.
thank you i will look around. this is a house indoor digital thermometer and humidiguide in one.
okay so IF this is truly the humidity level how do I bring it down?
I am calibrating the digital humidiguide right now.

I dont want to kill them off or is it already too late?
I have a styraphome incubator... umm it is called a hova-bator.

I did find the thread on humidity and went and sucked all the water out or as much as I could get with a turkey baster.

I am calibrating my humidiguide to see where it stands on humidity accuracy.

It does have a red plug in the top.. which is in.. should I take it out?

Sorry for all the questions
I run my styrofoam bator completely dry for the 1st 18 days. My humidity is still reading 40-50%. I found that when I took my red caps out humidity went even higher, but mine is in a damp basement.
I am hoping since I pulled the water out the humidity will drop as well. I have ours in the dining room no drafts and no direct sunlight. we dont even turn a light on unless we want to read the temp.
What I also found with mine was if it got too humid was if I opened the top of the bator for a few seconds every 10-15 minutes for an hour or so it would drop it a lot faster.
well my goodness.... I did exactly like the instructions said.. 1/4 cup water1/2 cup salt in coffe mug mixed. set in ziplock with humidiguide. I still have a half hour to go to reach the 8 hour minimum and it is sitting at 89% humidity and it states it should read 74 or 75%... so mine is off by 14% ugghhh if that is the case then the eggs were at 74% humidity which is still too high.

wow I did not in my wildest dreams thing their would be this much "thinking" involved with incubating some eggs

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