HUMIDITY once and for all!


Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
I have three (3) hygrometers: one that sits on top of the eggs; one that has a probe; and another that is a reptile hygrometer from the pet store.

They NEVER have the same readings (or anything close).

Just this morning the first one read 43%, the second was at 48% and the reptile was at 58%.

Currently I am using the incubator instructions (hovabator 1588) and filling the center trough whenever the humidity gets way low (about every 2-3 days).
I've had very successful hatches using the incubator instructions.

But I would like to know WHICH hygrometer reading is the most "correct" since I'd like to at least have a clue what my humidity is.

Any thoughts?
Well, nobody here can tell you which one is the most accurate. You'll have to calibrate them to find out, and you can find instructions on how to do that if you use the search function on BYC. There are quite a few different pages and threads giving instructions.

Basically, 'calibrating' means measuring something you already know the value of in order to check if your measuring tool is giving you an accurate figure. So you put your hygrometer in something you already know the humidity of, and see if it gets it right. I'm not sure of the exact details, but whaqt you'll be putting them in is a sealed bag containing a little dish of salt mixed up with water into a paste, which should give you a reading of 76% (?) humidity.

Happy calibrating!
are you incubating or hatching ,, here I do nothing to bring up the humidity during incubation until day 19 , then I've had good hatches with any of the numbers you listed . I've had humidity as low as 12% during incubation .
Yes, I've read the posts about calibrating; HOWEVER, someone told me that since the hygrometers are "NEW" I did not have to calibrate until I've been using them for like a year.
(Bad intel I guess.

Okay, so I'll go back to those threads and calibrate them all and see how it goes.

And, yes, currently I'm incubating during the first 18 days.


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