Humidity question...Hovabator Genesis.

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    I have duck eggs due this Saturday Apr 12th to hatch. I have the Genesis and it has the trrays under the mesh. Ive been reading that the humidity needs to be raised during the last few days of incubation. I have been keeping only the one tray section filled that the directions tell me. Do I need to fill all of them to raise the humidity or should I just keep the one filled?
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    I have to fill both channels and the little channel on the side to get mine to read 70%. So you should fill both and take a reading to see if you need to up the humidity more after that.
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    Mar 2, 2008
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    Get a syringe and a drinking straw, I had to add a little every day to keep mine up..... the straw went through the vent hole and I pumped water down into the trays with the syringe... [​IMG]

    To get to the side trays - I had to tape a couple of straws together, those bendy straws...
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    Well guys! I have pips, knocking on the eggs, and 1 duckling has started to peirce the shell!

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