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Apr 28, 2011
I read somwhere that you dont have to worry about the humidity in the incubator until day 18 then you just take it up to 60-65% and you will be write, Im still going to do it the proper way i was just wondering if this is true or not
Greatly appreciate any responses.
that seems to be a popular trend, called dry incubation.

not totally familiar with it, but it seems like people are happy with the humidity as long as it doesn't get below 20-25%?

just search for dry incubation in this forum
what kind of incubator you use does not make any difference.

there is one goal to shoot for.. 99.5F 30% to 40% humidity and 60% or above at lockdown..

how you arrive at those numbers depends on your incubator and you..

It doesn't matter what the humidity is in your house or wherever you have our bator.. what is going on inside your incubator is what matters.. the conditions around you determine what you do to maintain the basic hatching numbers

your house is warm, but your refrigerator and freezer are cold inside,, same principal with keeping your incubator warm..
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Are you in one of the more arid parts of Australia or one of the more humid? In a desert area I'd definitely pay attention to the day 1-18 humidity because the natural humidity can be pretty low. In an area that receives more rainfall you may be able to get by with what you have. Here in Florida I try to keep mine between 45-50% for that time period because inside of my air conditioned home the room humidity is fairly low.

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