Humidity spikes ??

Blob Chicken

10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
O.k ,so I put quail ,chicken ,and turkey eggs in the bator today. The humidity will need to be spiked twice. Once for the quail and once for the chickens.

Will my chickens and turkeys be fine for the first spike ?? Also will my turkeys be able to handle the second spike for the chooks ??
I can't really help you out the the humidity spikes with your 3 species, but you may want to invest in a hatcher, so humidity spikes are not an issue in the future.
Best of luck with your many hatches!
I don't understand what you mean by humidity spikes? Keeping the humidity constant for both with help some. Yes, it is true that once the quail start hatching humidity will rise. Like Joe said, you may want a separate hatcher so you don't have to worry about that stuff.
I read where, and my friend, (no really- my friend, I have a hatcher). he puts the turkey eggs in first, then the chicken eggs couple days later, then the quail eggs last, they all hatch around the same time, one humidity spike.

in your case, and like QuailLady says, you may want to keep humidity more constant and not "spike" it for the separate lockdown/hatches.

your goal is #1 to allow the eggs to lose a sufficient amount of fluid mass ~10% before hatch. then #2 the humidity and keeping it constant during hatch allowing the chick to tear through the membrane after zip.

you are gonna have your hands full, and have increased the odds against ya a little by "stacking stead of staging". Joe has a good suggestion, and a still air LG, could "work" for you as a hatcher and may be worth the investment.

either way, its been done before, best of luck and good thoughts your way, hope you have fluff coming out your ears 3 times.
If I remember right, Ol' Randall has got his white lab coat on and runn'in a scientific experiment on staggered hatches and humidity. Seems like he had several hundred eggs going in one bator. Im sure he'll be around when his chores are done and tell us how its work'in out so far. Bill

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