humidity...thought i was doing it right. now...????


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Aug 4, 2009
Central Florida
ok, i've been running my humidity at 38-40 percent which is about as high as i can get it without going overboard. i figured that since i was told to run it around 35 percent, i was doing good.

then, i had someone tell me to run it at 40-45 percent, so figured, ok, i'm at 40, i'm still doing good.

now i just had someone tell me that in florida i need it running at 60 percent and 90 percent at lockdown. HUH?
i thought it was 65-70 at lockdown.

can someone please give me an a clue? now i'm really confused.

this is an LG with a fan that i have to constantly tweek all day long because it refuses to hold a temp. (can we say, buying a new hova tonight?) one day, it will run perfectly around 99.5-100.3 all day, then the next day...whamo....we're either at 98.? or 101.? I'm just praying to god a least a few of these guys make it.

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If your using an LG with still air temperature should be at 102

I run my humidity at 40-50% first 18 days and the last 3 I run it at 65-73%.

Hope this helps.
I run my LG still air at 100 even at the wire, and usually around 35% humidity till day 18, when I bump to 60%. No problems here!
What is your room temp and humidity? That may account for the temperature fluxuations in the incubator. I try to keep the humidity in my incubator, with a fan, around 40% for the first 18 days with my room humidity at about 50%. You can also check your air cells with one of the charts that are out there, let the egg tell you how it is doing.

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