Humidity!!! Ugh!

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    Okay guys I have a Lyon incubator. With an automatic egg turner, and so my question is that I have a dry bulb thermometer and a wet bulb thermometer, and the wet bulb one reads 85-90 and the dry is at 100. The thing is I'm trying to reduce humidity because my Eggs just went on lockdown yesterday... And when I reduced the amount of water in the chamber it shot the humidity up to 100... Which freaked me out and made no sense to me at all because I was REMOVING water... So to solve it I added the water back and the humidity (according to the wet bulb) went back down to around 90. Any ideas of how I can get it to stabilize at 70%? And am I even reading the thermometer correctly? It's the bottom thermometer that had a wick that touches the water. It's currantly at 90 and the chicks are due to hatch in 3 days. (Picture of the current standings below) [​IMG]
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