humidty and temp.

Should be fine!! I keep my bator at between 99.5 - 100 degrees and try to keep things at about 50-55 humidity. Then on hatch day i bump it up to about 65 degrees humidity and drop the temp to about 99 degrees. Once they start hatching things go haywire, the temp in the bator fluctuates and so does the humidity due to the hatching process, remember to remove the vent plugs to allow ample circulation of fresh air to replace the CO2 created by hatching chicks!
I don't ever let my humidity drop below 45 during incubation. Between 45% and 55% should be good. Try to go for at least 65% for the hatch. I have also found that quail seem to hatch better if the temp is lowered during hatch time, around 99 degrees. Idk why, they just seem to have an easier time of it that way.

I just noticed I basically quoted cawooduck's post, just do what (he? she?) said, and you should be fine
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