Humility Problem


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Jun 13, 2009
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OK I have not done anything different to my bator, the humility has been reading just fine until today, we are on the 9th day and all of a sudden the humity wants to rise and rise and rise. I have decreased and decrease the water, has anyone else ever had this problem?? We hit a high of 67% I have been watching it and within 5 minutes the humilty is up again, I hate to have to keep opening the incubator to decrease the water but I don't want my new babies to drown...
What is your ambiant humidity level? This could be playing a factor. If you have vents open it - nature has a way of evening things out.
"Humility Problem"

Too bad you're not a man, because if you were I'd tell you it's a congenital condition associated with the Y chromosome. As it is I have to take a pass on a great one-liner and wish you luck with your humidity.
I have had a great hatch this time. I didn't add water to my incubator until I got ready to lockdown and I have 10 babies right now. My last 2 hatches I had 0 hatch. I would try dumping the water out of your incubator and then when you lockdown add water. I don't know if this will work for you.
I don't put water in mine unless it gets below 23%. I crank it up at lockdown though.
The dry incubation works well for me. We hatched out over 50 chicks from a homemade 'bator last year.

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