Hungry hen


May 26, 2021
Hi all,
Just found out in the morning one of my hen with chicks is chasing the other one who is trying to eat after sitting on her eggs for how many odd hours. Can someone advise!
They are all together in one coop so I tried to shoo the one with the week old chicks so the one sitting on eggs will feed but she is protective of the food. I am wondering if she is protective of her chicks or the rooster.
Do you have room to make a partition in the coop and run? It's natural for a mama hen to be territorial with young chicks. She wants to secure safe space and food for her and her babies. Your broody hen needs safety and food too, so we have to help meet the needs of all.
Thanks HeatherKellyB,
I will let the mama hen out into the yard and let the broody one have a share of the food.
I have limited space in the coop but I have been thinking of expanding the space also in the near future.

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