Hurricane coming....


8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
Hi guys. I live in CT and we're supposed to have a hurricane in all of CT on Sat/Sun. I'm scared for my mallards though. The reason why I'm scared is because I have a lot of old, large trees around my house. I don't know if I should keep them in their coop or let them out. I'm scared that if I let them out they may be able to get out of their pen and being mallards, run away and never come back. If I kept them in their coop though, they would be upset and if a tree falls it may land on them and they would have no chance of surviving. I can't bring them inside and they wouldn't be able to go in the barns. Has anyone been through this before and could please give me some helpful tips?
They will be fine in a ducks sleep in a xlg dog crate. They have since we moved cross country. They made a six day trip in the crates just fine. A day is nothing. Put the crates inside or in a barn or garage
Hopefully we won't have a hurricane at all! But of course, you're smart to make sure you're prepared!
Thanks everyone. I've actually been able to prepare a spot in the barn for them (I thought I wouldn't) and they should be fine in there. It's close to the house, away from trees, and overall just a safe place for them. It's supposed to be a tropical storm now in my area, but I'm not taking any chances (the news has been wrong before.)
I'm in the same predicament: I am terrified that a tree will fall on my duck pen and A) injure them or B) frighten them and cause them to escape through the wreckage.

So my guckies (that's what I call them, LOL) are spending about 48 hours, maybe a little more, in a dog crate in my kitchen. They'll be annoyed but alive & safe.
I have been worried about this too, everyone has been telling me its supposed to hit Ny around me, and the news did, but the weather says nothing about it now. So im not sure, but even if I leave them in their pen, the chickens will fly out. Im not sure if I should put them out or in, and there isn o way I would be allowed to bring them inside.
From what I hear, this storm (I'm in Connecticut, also), has potential to be really intense. I would hope that would get across to people who dislike the idea of the ducks and chickens inside.

But as it was already pointed out, it's just for a day (or so), why risk their lives?

We'll be using the duckie storm shelter in the basement from some time tomorrow, through Sunday and Sunday night. While we may have a royal mess to clean up, the weather should be pleasant after the storm passes, and the ducks will be able to go back out to their duck house - if it's still usable. Sheesh. What a thought.

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