Hurricane Irene: what we're doing

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Mar 21, 2011
Try having 6 pasture pens out in the field, each with 100 birds in them. Oh yeah, I have 400 chicks in my shed brooding right now too. I live 10 miles from the coast in Delaware.
We are freaking out right now. We are going to put all the pens next to eachother in a rectangle and put large straw bales (3' high x 5' long)around the perimeter of them to keep the wind from hitting any of the sides.

We will also be putting straw down on the ground inside the pens to get them off the ground which will no doubt be WET for 2-3 days.

My biggest fear is that the roof panels will rip off or collapse from the water weight. PLus the stress from the storm noise that the birds will encounter.
And, WHEN we lose power, my heat lamps will be off in the shed. 1/2 of the 400 are 2.5 week old birds which will be fine without heat, but the other 200 are only 3 days old today.
Please pray for us and the birds.

What's more, we just processed 90 birds on Thursday, and the market for Saturday is cancelled, so we are gonna have to freeze them on Monday once the storm is gone. BUT, there will mostly likely be no power, so we are gonna have the added expense of running a generator. Either way, we are gonna miss the cashflow from the missed sales this week on top of all the other problems. If we can make it through this, we will make it in the future, as this is our 1st year.

Gets better all the time.
You are in my prayers. Please be safe and take care. I hope all your birds are ok. Sending lots of prayers and hugs.
Think of all of you on the East Coast.

Good luck and I hope you have few if no loses. Pack those chickens in something as cold as you can maybe ice packs to make sure they don't thaw too much.

Let us know how you are doing when you can and please be safe!
I have read lots of posts on this site where chickens get damaged - like broken beaks - from running in fear inside their coops. My babies are coming from the screen porch into the house, but I am opening all the gates in the fenced yard for my free-rangers. They know best where to be in bad weather.

Perhaps Irene will blow herself out before she comes so far North.
I am so sorry everyone is going through this. I will be saying prayers for everyone in the path of this storm. I have been through many hurricanes when I lived on the Gulf Coast and they are no fun. And not to mention scary.
Tracydr made a nice suggestion in another post to put a pallet down inside so that they can get up and out of any standing water. Great tip! I'm going to be picking a couple up tomorrow. My local Agway sells their extras for cheap.

Good luck to everyone who will be preparing for this. We picked up a ton of things around the farm today that might act as a projectile and I tied down out lawn furniture to a tree.

My thoughts will be with all of you guys as we brace mother nature.

Lets hope we don't lose power for too long. We were very foolish and never bought a generator or inverter....and if we lose power and our sump pump fails - our basement will be flooded. ...not to mention we have no water when we have no power.... ::sigh::

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