Hurricane questions quickly please


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Jul 5, 2019
Central Florida
this is my first season with chickens. I did think ahead when setting them up. Their coop is a very well built 10x16 wooden barn style shed. I bought and had this delivered for my coop with hurricanes in mind. I have someone coming today to anchor it and that is supposed to be rated for well over 100 mph winds. So my plan is to hunker them down inside and take the battery out of their pop door.
Given the fact that I live in a double wide we will be leaving for better shelter in our case that means where I work which will require us to check in before it gets bad and not allowing us to leave until the authorities give the all clear. During this time I won’t be able to check on them. I am confident they will be as safe as I can make them but I have some questions.
Their pop door opens into a secure covered run (if it doesn’t get damaged)
I have a very large loft fan for ventilation but that will not be working probably from early on.
Not sure I should crack windows.
So my biggest concern is ventilation. I have a small battery operated fan that will only run for about 24 hours or less.
Would you guys leave the battery in the pop door so they can get air or take battery out. Any other ideas on ventilation or keeping them cool?
Please help.

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