Hurricane Sandy.


7 Years
Oct 27, 2012
I am a new chicken owner. I have six red sex that were purchased in Feb. They are in an Ark ( no pun intended) I am going to get hit hard by Sandy. I am in SE PA. They normally free range during the day. Should I be worried? I am thinking of keeping them in and covering the Ark with a tarp. Let me know your thoughts please, would be most appreciated.
This ark you're referring to - is it tested and designed to float when surrounded by a certain amount of water? IF so...then I would probably keep them in there, yes. If it hasn't been tested and proven to do just that - no way would I lock them in there. If the water is high enough to flood the coop, it only takes seconds for a chicken to drown. So if water rushes in and they're hanging out on the bottom of the coop - they're in trouble.

In all honesty - though it's a bit absurd to most, I would bring them in my house if they were mine....6 chickens don't take up that much room (they just make a lot of mess). I'd do that and then take a vacation to a safer state until the damage is done and gone.

Nobody knows what Frankenstorm is going to do we only know what the forecasters are 'saying' it's going to do. It may be overly sensationalized and it won't do much. may do exactly what they are predicting it will. may be worse. Nobody will know until it's actually here.

That being said, we're praying for everyone living in that area.
I am kind of crazy and I would probably bring mine in if I wasn't certain whether the ark could withstand the wind and heavy rain. I am in SW VA and we are suppposed to get some crazy weather as well, could be heavy rain, wind or maybe snow (some places in WV they are calling for over 2 feet of snow CRAZY maybe I can go skiing early!). My coop and run are very sturdy and I am not worried about that except if a tree were to fall. Tonight when I went out to lock them up they seemed to be acting funny and I thought to myself I wonder if they sense the storm is coming?

I would secure a tarp if you are going to leave them out so they can stay some what dry, if the ARK is movable I would move it to a location where it won't get hit with so much wind. Good luck and stay safe.
No the Ark is just a design, it will not in anyway float. I am not so much in danger of flooding. I am just more worried about pelting rain and wind. Should I just let them free range? They seem to take shelter under the deck and trees during the day, or should I keep them in the pen with a tarp to protect them from the elements. I have found they on some levels can be so smart and on others so stupid. Just don;t know what to do.
Thank you, we moved the Ark to a place we think they will get the least impact. However have some very large pine trees close by. I think even if the trees fell on the Ark it would be okay.
Good idea. I tarp my tractor run when we have the possibility of heavy rain & tornadoes. Helps protect them from the wind.

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