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I'm not sure if this is in the right section but I figured it was part of "emergencies" I did a search and see people suggest just leaving the flock loss and iding them in case they get lost, or locking them up if your structure is really good. But these all seemed to be from people who also rode out the hurricane along with their flock... DH is military and we are about 5-10 miles from the Gulf. Since he is militarty if a hurricane comes and is a CAT 3 or higher we HAVE to pack up and leave. What do I do with my flock in this case? I wouldnt have any way of taking them with me, well DH said he could put them in the back of his truck but we'd end up at a hotel or SILs house and I wouldnt have anywhere for them then. I'm not sure about my neighbors but if everyone clears out what do I do? I am building my coop and plan to have auto feeders/waters with a large amount in them. What would you do?
Hmm, tough call.

Here in Ohio we only get rain from hurricanes so I have absolutely no experience in the matter, but I would probably fill up the food and water as much as possible and let them loose to find their own shelter. Animals are smart about things like that, they can sense danger and find good places to hide - at least that has been my experience. When you come back after the storm you may not be able to recover the flock completely, though I think letting them loose would give them the best chance of survival.
I took hurricanes into consideration when I was building the frame of the coop. I used hurricane straps, extra screws, and anchors. I will be looking into good automatic feeders and waterers. Pet shelters will not accept chickens so they will have to ride it out.
I hope it never comes to that.
Yep we are in that season again.

I know I would not be able to take all of my flock if one hits our area and we need to evacuate. However, I would take my favorites that are more of a pet to me. Would probably leave the others with lots n lots of fresh water and feed and ask any of my crazy friends that like to weather these things out to check on them for me. Even if they are watching them, loss of electricity can also affect supply of fresh water. There have been times when it takes up to 2 weeks or more before the utilities are restored.

Yeah it is a tough one; atleast with a hurricane you do get enough warning to get out of it's way. I feel bad for all the poor folks dealing with these crazy tornadoes and flooding right now. Hope they pull through and are able to rebuild.
How many chickens are we talking about here? Vet clinics often open up for boarding. Start checking around now to see if any sturdy vet clinics or animal welfare groups will be willing to house pet chickens. Stress that these are pets. Does sister in law have a yard? You could invest in the electric poultry netting fence and make a quicky lean to for shelter in that for them. I don't have experience with the electric fencing but it's advertised as light weight and portable.
My coop can withstand a cat 1 hurricane, a small fast moving cat 2. Anything bigger than that, I have plenty of cages for all mine and would all fit in back of my truck for an evacuation. But here's the key: Getting your hens matched with other hen(s) that get along real well with each other. You wouldnt want a hen at the top of the pecking order matched with one on the bottom of the pecking order. I found this out after I put an evacuation plan into action just to see how it would work out a few years ago. The match-making was my biggest obstacle...but I know who gets along with who now. Of course feed and water (and containers) are a priority too. House paperwork, insurance papers, guns, chainsaw w/ extra gas and oil (premixed,) several full 6 gallon gas containers, plenty of water and a cooler with food are top priorities for evacuation. Hopefully it wont happen for any of us.
I will only be having 4-6 chickens, I have 5 now but Im pretty sure 2 are roo's and want to get some more girls! SIL has a very small unfenced yard, and I don't really think we let alone my chickens would be all that welcome because we would have our dog with us and her house is so tiny. Every one seems to be really scared that this yard is going to be really bad since its been 6 years since this area has had a hurricane hit. Thanks for the advice!
Make a plan with another from the state (we are air force and at Patrick/cape canaveral on the Atlantic side) to take your birds there if it comes to it and you are worried they wouldn't do well alone.

Our buildings are hurricane anchored, and we would be locking up inside and bracing the doors/windows. You do need to make sure everyone gets along or you have room for them to be separated if you have to lock them up. The only ones I am still unsure what we would do with them is the quail. May clear hurricane panel their run to offer them the most protection.

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