Hurt chick. Please help!


5 Years
Jul 8, 2016
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hi there we could really use some help. One of our 8 day old is hurt we think. I went out today with my kids but my husband stayed home to watch the chicks. When i got home i looked at one and the side of her face looks like her down as been pecked off. We have separated her from the rest. Just wondering what we should do. Thanks in advance.
As long as the other chick don't peck her she will be better with the other one. Nobody is stressed or worried. Just make sure she is not peck on. If she is remove her again. They do better in a flock.
Keep her with the others. It appears to be a superficial wound, but since pink skin is showing, the other chicks are likely to be attracted to it, inviting further irritation of the wound. This is what Blu-kote or Blue Lotion is good for. It's an anti-fungal/antiseptic that also camouflages the wound, making it a neutral blue color.

If the wound is open, wet and oozing, though, you will need to add an antibiotic ointment to the Vetericyn and Blu-kote. It would need to be kept moist for new skin to grow in over the open wound.

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