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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by allycatclark69, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Jun 16, 2016
    Help....I have a large white peking duck, she has been limping for a couple of weeks (they are free range) I picked her up yesterday and she has a huge knot on her leg up near her body it has fever in it. I have confined her to a cage and I soaked it last night in Epson salt. Can anyone give me an idea or suggestion on what it is and how to treat?
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    The heat makes it seem to me to be an infection. If you can get her to a vet, that could be the best thing (not 100% guarantee, depends on the vet).

    Is the lump very hard or soft at all? Perhaps she got a thorn or something in the leg and it is an abscess.

    I would get her on oral antibiotics right away. I know when we deal with bumblefoot, that is on the foot and after a good soak you can apply a few drops of clear (CLEAR not brown) iodine on the lump, let that dry, then wait 4 or 5 days - then a scab usually forms and the leg can be soaked again, and the scab removed. This also usually pulls yuck out of the lump and begins the healing process.

    But up high like that - don't know quite what it is and if the clear iodine method would work.

    Keep soaking the leg in any case - - - I don't think it will hurt to put something on the lump like either clear iodine, or perhaps antibiotic ointment. Look closely to see if there is a splinter - when Romy had one, it looked like a dot the size of a period on a printed page.

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