Hurt Foot?

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  1. hattie13

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    Oct 7, 2015
    Hello all.. I was putting my ladies away on Friday when I noticed my favorite girl, Jerry, was sitting outside while all the others had gathered inside the coop. I didn't think much of it, and picked her up and put her inside. Yesterday, I noticed she was limping and when she wasn't limping, she would sit down on the ground. The other chickens were going about their business and running all over her so I picked her up and brought her in the house. She has been inside ever since, eating and drinking well. By all outward appearances, her feet look to be fine. I gave her a warm bath with some Epsom salt, and soaked her hoping it would help. I did notice one of her toes (in the back) is a purplish color. Not black, but definitely not the same color as the others. She will curl her toes over my finger, and has been putting some weight on it, mostly a couple steps and then falling/sliding down. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what could be going on or tips to help her? Thanks in advance.
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    How old is she, how high are the roost, she could have sprained her leg hopping down. Give her a few days to see if she improves, I wouldn't keep her away from the flock for too long, she will lose her spot in the pecking order and she could have troubles rejoining the other chickens. It's always best to separate a bird within the coop.
  3. hattie13

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    Oct 7, 2015
    She's only about 9 months - a spring chicken so to speak. I was wondering if it was a roost jump myself, I'm just worried because the color of her toe isn't normal and didn't know if it was a bruise or maybe frostbite? I am giving her baby aspirin for pain and she's still in the laundry basket as I fear putting her back in the coop she will get run down by the other more rambunctious members of the flock as they don't seem to pay any attention to others when released for breakfast.
  4. Eggcessive

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    It might help if you can post a picture of her toes on the hurt foot. Frostbite is easily recognizable within a couple of days, and she also may just have bruising. With a sprain or foot injury, it would be better to keep her in the coop in a crate or pen with food and water for a week or two if your coop is large enough.
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    I'm still kinda new to this but it wouldn't hurt to post a pic of the bottom of her feet too. Have you searched bumble foot. Sounds more like a sprain but wouldn't hurt to rule that out I would think?

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