hurt rooster please help


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Dillingham, Alaska
my rooster was limping this morning so i took him out of the coop and put him in a make shift dog kennel inside my house. was wondering if keeping him away from the flock was ok and do i just keep him in there till he gets better? i could really use some help thanks btw i am new to all this chicken stuff so not so sure what to do
Its okay to isolate him, but chickens are not really meant to be loners so maybe you could let him be near the flock, where he can see other chickens at least.
ok thank you i am soooooo worried about him ........... he is very doscile right now and will just let my pet him and hold him and b4 he was hurt he was a typical rooster. in other words he is very very calm right now he does not seem to mind being in the kennel
Did you find anything wrong? My rooster is limping and I don't know why. He is fine otherwise. I was just wondering if it will go away on it's own.
UPDATE----- well this morning i let tristan (my rooster) out he is still limping but other wise ok . i checked him over very good and did not find anything wrong.
Thanks for everyones support and thanks for welcoming me to byc
truely from Alaska = )

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