Hurting bad, must sell my collections...MORE ADDED!!!

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I believe this stuff will make good Christmas presents, especially for little girls that love to collect dolls. My hours have been slowly getting cut back at work and I'm hurting bad this month. So I decided that in order to get some money coming in, I would sell these things. We quite literally have no food in the house, and no gas money for me to get to work. I've been applying online for a new job, but so far I haven't heard from anyplace. Hopefully there will be an interest on here and I can make enough money to get some groceries in the house and some gas in the car. I don't get paid til the 12th, so I have a long way to go still. So if you see something here that you like, please PM me. I will try to get it in the mail to you as soon as possible.

Here is one of the porcelain dolls. I got her about 4 years ago from a family friend, and she's pretty in her frilly, lacy blue dress. She is a Marian Yu doll. She has pretty blonde hair, blue eyes, and we've kept her in her box:


Here is her box:


And here is the signature on the back of her neck:


Here is another of the dolls I am selling:


Here she is outside of her box:


I've kept her in her box as well.

Here are some of the Ty Beanie Babies that I am offering MINT:

This is the Sammy Sosa bear from April 25th, 1999. From the Cubs vs. the Mets game. I have two of these that I am offering. I'm keeping one for myself. These I got when my daughter's father was one of the groundskeepers for Wrigley Field. These were handed out to fans and only a limited number were made, like 5,000 or something. I also have the commemorative card that came with the bear, something that isn't so easy to find now. I'll include one card with each bear.:


Here are some of the others I am selling:

Erin the bear March 17th 1997 MINT:


Daisy the cow May 10th 1994 MINT:


Here is Halo the bear August 31st 1998 MINT:


And here is the 1999 Ty Anniversary bear MINT:


Here are some other beanies. If you see one in particular that you are interested in, let me know which one. And if you are possibly interested in a particular beanie and you don't see it here, ask me, I might have it.










I also have many of the teeny beanies, and I also have the political ones. I have one set with the donkey and the elephant, and two extra elephants. All are still in their boxes. The boxes aren't perfect, but the animals inside them are. These are the teenies.

For full size, most of mine have their tags still. I am a stickler for that. A few don't and if they don't that is the way I acquired them, but I take good care of them. Nearly all of mine are in MINT condition. I am taking offers on these. Shipping will have to be on top of the prices of course. I can't ship for free cause I don't have any money to do that! If you can find it in your heart to buy one or more of them I would be sooooooooo grateful. All the money I make off these is going to stock up on food for the next few weeks. I have an appointment with public aide, but it's not til the 2nd. They originally wanted to make it for the 30th!
Thank the good Lord that they moved it up! Make me a good offer. I need them to sell! Thank you everyone that reads this!

I am editing each time I sell a bear or doll to take it off the post.
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I tried the links and one was for California I think, and the other two kept telling me there were errors when I tried to access the various links on their websites. The one in the middle was for Eastern Indiana and I can't get to their pantries. I'm in Western Indiana, right on the Illinois border. But thank you for letting me take a look at those links.
I'll add to this:

4 Collector Disney cups. 2 are the same, so there are technically 3 different designs. All are in excellent condition.





These cups we got in the 1990's. They are nice for the Disney collectors to add to their collection. Make me an offer!
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