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    I think I have hyperhidrosis. Whenever I'm in P.E. and everyone's jogging, all of my friends stay nice and fresh, but literally just after a few SECONDS (LITERALLY), I start DRIPPING sweat. DRIPPING!!!! It is disgusting, but strangely, I never smell, even those days I forget to wear deodorant. Is that not weird? I guess I'm really lucky. But there's enough sweat in my socks that when I squeeze them, a few drops of sweat drip from them. At the end of school when I get back home, of course. The doctor said I don't have hyperhidrosis, but I think he's wrong. Plus, I use lotion and really hydrating hand creams and sometimes even chunky foot cream on my hands because they're roughish (to me and my mom; my friends say that my hands are normal. Neither very soft nor rough), my hands don't get any softer. Is it because my feet and hands sweat the most out of my whole body? My hands are getting warmer, sticky, and wet with sweat as I type this post. Help!!
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    It does sound like you have hyperhidrosis (sweating that is 4 to 5 times more than the average person). But, that's ok because there are treatments that can help manage the sweating. Antiperspirants like Secret Clinical Strength, Hydrosal Professional, or Certain Dri can be tried first. To use, simply apply at night to completely dry underarms and/or feet (use a blow drier on cool setting, if necessary). You should apply at night before bed because this is when sweating is at its least and it allows the antiperspirant the chance to create superficial plugs in the pores to control the sweating.

    If antiperspirants do not work, you can try Botox injections for the underarms. Many insurance companies will cover this treatment especially if you've tried and failed topical antiperspirants for at least six months. For feet, iontophoresis is a really good treatment. However, to get best results, you'll need to use an effective iontophoresis unit (like those made by RA Fischer Co) with proper technique on a consistent basis - that is, until sweating is reduced to the desired level. Details on all of these treatments as well as a Physician Finder locator (to help you find the right dermatologist for treatment) can be found on the International Hyperhidrosis Society's website: www.SweatHelp.org. Their site has really helped me. Plus, they have a Facebook page too!

    Oh, they also have a study posted on www.SweatHelp.org for people with underarm sweating. They are testing a new ultrasound device called Ulthera. It sounds really promising and probably won't be available for much longer. Check it out!

    Good Luck:)

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