Hypericum/ Marek's follow up?


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Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
Hi we have a 9 month old pullet,, Sparkle, who turned up very lame about two weeks ago. I noticed before she became noticeably lame that she was roosting low and a little listless for a couple of days. We originally just kept her in a pen to rest, hoping she'd had an injury, that might recover. She became worse and started having some neuro issues, like falling down and rolling onto her back, so we started her on Hypericum. I'm pretty sure she has Marek's. Treated her Sunday night through this morning, and she is better, now can stand for a few seconds and walk a few steps without appearing to be in pain, can usually stand to eat most of her food,, sits on her chest without splaying her legs, and looks and acts brighter. but from what I read, you are supposed to stop the Hypericum once they show signs of improvement. So we stopped the treatment as of this morning. But she is not cured. So now what? Should we expect more improvement, or is this as good as it gets from the Hypericum? Should we try to go back to it if she declines again? We were giving her one 30 C tablet dissolved in 1 tbsp distilled water twice a day, about 6-7 drops on her tongue per time, and a couple of drops in her nostrils. For what it's worth, she has also gained quite a bit of weight in the past ten days, and especially since we started her on the Hypericum.

Has anyone had any success with Curcumin with Bioperine?

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