Hypoglycemia....please help!


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Sep 17, 2015
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So, just this week, I went to the doctor for headaches (been having them for months and they were starting to worry me). They called back the next day with my blood-work results and concluded I have hypoglycemia, and to get on a diet ASAP.

Here is the thing, I am lost on what to eat or what to do. I am 24 years old with 3 kids and I can't let this take over my life. If anyone knows anything I can research or have a diet list, it would really be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

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You need to work on getting frequent small meals, instead of starving yourself and then eating a big meal. Your Dr. office needs to set you up with a dietician consult, or at least give you some guidelines for good nutrition. Hypoglycemia is simply low blood sugar. Nothing to be scared of, but you need to monitor it. Do they want you to test your blood sugar? When you're away from home, carry some sort of carbohydrate snack with you. In addition to the head aches, you might find that you get a bit sweaty, a bit jittery, or even a bit cranky when your blood sugar is low. Listen to your body, and eat when you should. With 3 small kids, it's so easy to get caught up in the moment of meeting everybody else's needs before your own. That needs to stop. If you don't take care of your health, you don't have energy to take care of everybody else. There. I'm gonna take my Momma badge off, and go back to my corner now!


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I second the small snacks idea. Things like snack bars that have carbs and fats in them are great. Fats tend to raise blood sugar over a longer period of time and something with 15-30 carbs is perfect for a snack for me. I'm a juvenile diabetic, so it's a bit different, but I'm well versed in dealing with low blood sugars!

An appointment with a nutritionist would be a great idea. I always learn new things every time I go.

If you anticipate a lot of activity, eat a small snack beforehand, say about 15 minutes or so before. That will help prevent a dip in blood sugar.

Low blood sugar can manifest in many ways and over time you will be able to pick up how your body responds. For me, I get tired, I have trouble thinking straight, maybe a bit dizzy, pale and my hands shake. I also notice everything I do takes so much more energy than normal. Other people have very different reactions. It might also be a good idea to carry some glucose tablets with you. They aren't super tasty, but they work! You can get them at any pharmacy. I also like to carry Capri sun juices. Those are perfect for raising my blood sugar when I get low (anything with about 15 simple carbs, like juice, is usually perfect for me. If I don't feel better in 10-15 minutes, I take another 15 carbs and so on)


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I was Hypoglycemic for many years, and am borderline nowdays.

lots of small snacks! for me avoiding sugar was helpful- even if it seems counterproductive but sugar would cause me to overproduce insulin which would make my blood sugar plummet. I found that slow carbs (whole grains) mixed with fats and proteins were good for keeping my levels steady.

I had many of the same symptoms as Chickerdoodle's plus headaches. I would carry around small individual chocolates (sugar and fats), or hard candy for a quick fix, and would follow with a nutty granola bar.

But defiantly talk to a nutritionist!

ETA- this is similar to how I managed my diet
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